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Are You Ready to BUG OUT?
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Bug Out, this is what you do when the proverbial poop hits the fan. Now what exactly do I mean by the proverbial poop hit

ting the fan? Well, that could take many forms. A major weather event like a tornado, heavy snow storm, or an ice storm. It could be an earthquake, a war, or civil unrest. The government could declare marshal law, or there could be riots in the streets. Or something like a financial collapse, a worthless US dollar, a run on banking institutions, or the government's failure to pay entitlement programs

All of these things could mean a major disruption of life as we know it. Many people believe that "
Bugging Out", or running to the hills, is the way to protect themselves in times of distress. We take a slightly different approach, by creating a safe place, like our homes, to run to in times of trouble.

We carry some basic essentials in our vehicles to help us return to
our homes if trouble catches us by surprise. Items like 2 days of food and water, warm clothing in waterproof bags, thermal blankets, rain slicker, flashlight and batteries, and a means to create fire along with something to burn. In addition, we never let the fuel tank get below , so we can always return to the place we started without additional fuel purchases. But one of the most important item we carry is currency. Not a lot for security purposes, but we never want to be left in an emergency without both paper and coin currency. I recommend about $100 in small bills and about $20 in coins. With that said, I must also mention that we carry a small portion of gold everywhere we go. Under one gram in at least 10 pieces so that it can be bartered with if suddenly our currency becomes worthless.

Then we fortify
our homes by stockpiling basic food items, seeds, tools for repairs and gardening., and lumber. Ever see when a storm hits and people are complaining that the hardware store has run out of plywood and OSB? If the weather service says a storm is coming, it's too late to buy lumber, you should have done that months or years ago. And again, GOLD. Most financial experts say you should keep about 20% of your wealth in gold, we say closer to 50% simply because it is secure. We also want our gold in our hands and in our safes, not some piece of paper saying we own gold. And we want it in small, portable pieces that can be traded for the things we need.

When trouble arises, we flee back to
our defensible homes and wait out the problem. It really is too late to prepare after the trouble is here. Some basic, low cost preparations can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Thank you,
Thomas Giacomelli

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